Product Sourcing Professionals
Talon Development Corporation as a parent company of is a BBB Accredited Business in Gresham, OR


What sourcing services do you provide?
We provide product & engineering support, conduct price negotiations, handle national and international logistics, resolve issues or problems, perform manufacturing facility visits, implement factory quality controls, and keeping clients informed as to status of projects.

How do you charge for your sourcing services?
Our charges for all of our services are included in the lower prices you receive.

How do we start the sourcing process?
Determine the price and the volume you will be happy with. Keep in mind that if the price is too low manufacturers will not be interested. If it is too high you will not be happy. So spend some time determining what your target price should be.

Why should we give you our target prices. Shouldn't you give us those prices?
The process of determining target pricing always leads to better understanding of what you want. By considering us to be your external purchasing department, you simply are telling us what we should be looking for and at what price. Most reputable manufacturers view reasonable target prices as signs of companies interested in doing business.

Do you need finished products/ samples or prototypes?
Finished products or samples are great, but prototypes or even drawings are fine.

What if our prototype is not complete or ready?
We can help you complete your prototypes incorporating sound manufacturing methods and techniques, so that all your products' components are manufacturable at the lowest costs.

How long does it take to get a product manufactured?
It depends upon how complicated a product is and what the lead times are for its components.

Is there an upfront cost involved in manufacturing or sourcing a product.
Generally not. But if there are upfront costs involved in manufacturing it domestically, usually there would be a lower upfront cost involved internationally.

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