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Talon Development Corporation as a parent company of is a BBB Accredited Business in Gresham, OR
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Product Sourcing & Manufacturing

Gain an advantage over your competition!
It is time to move production overseas for increased margins.
Save Money, Save Time, Reduce Risk
We provide low cost product sourcing and manufacturing to businesses needing to reduce their product cost and increase their margin. This sourcing procurement could be for one product or hundreds of products with similar or dissimilar products. Unlike many sourcing companies who are affiliated with a few manufacturers in specific countries, we are independent and can globally source products from offshore manufacturers in a county most suitable to producing your products at the least cost and highest quality standards.

While China has become the largest quality low cost manufacturing haven producing majority of the products we have sourced, there are other countries with specific expertise that provide products not easily available in China. We have sourced products from Germany, Italy, Turkey, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Philippines, and Indonesia.

Source-Pro has the experience, expertise and the connections to bring you all the advantages of overseas manufacturers at the lowest possible cost and import and deliver your products as if they were made across the street.

We put the best offshore sourcing and manufacturing sources easily at your finger tips while sitting at your desk. You get your quality products at the lowest cost without being forced to make expensive and time consuming travel overseas. Contact us by clicking
"Sourcing Options" and letting us know which product you want to source first.

If you wish to import, engage in offshore sourcing or manufacture your produts yourself and only need initial assistance, we can provide hourly consulting services at a rate of $75 per hour. Learn the pitfalls and avoid the unknown before you start. Call us toll free at 1-888-858-2566.

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International Sourcing and Contract Manufacturing
What can do for you
Gain a competitive advantage with Source-Pro managing and coordinating your overseas sourcing projects. We take the turn-key responsibility for your projects from best choice of factory to delivery at final destination with no unforeseen costs. Quote are inclusive of our fees and include packaging if requested, shipping, Customs clearances and delivery.
Count on to:

Cost / Value ratio
Market Share
Your freedom to focus on internal concerns

Market uncertainties
Communications barriers to success
Shipping, Customs and tariff issues

International procurement process.

Why pay more when you can get the same quality product at a much reduced price.

The professionals at Source-Pro are poised to help you save time & money.

We will:

Choose the best manufacturer regardless of country, for your particular need.

Negotiate lower prices than you presently pay, and renegotiate as volume increases or circumstances change.

We will save you money.

Instigate and monitor customized Quality Controls and production measures.

Import and arrange all shipping, Customs clearances and final delivery to your warehouse with no hidden costs.

Return you to focus on core issues of your business.

We are located in the Pacific Northwest, close to Portland Oregon for easy access to the majority of the Pacific Rim sourcing countries. We are easily accessible to all our clients in the US and Canada and particularly in the states of Oregon, Washington, California and Idaho.

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