Product Sourcing Professionals
Talon Development Corporation as a parent company of is a BBB Accredited Business in Gresham, OR

Our Benefits

What benefits do we bring to you?

Unlike many sourcing companies that have no US presence and / or serve country specific manufacturers, Source-Pro is
US owned and based. This independence frees Source-Pro to provide our customers the best value by utilizing an extensive network of manufacturing contacts in many countries around the globe, unhampered by loyalties to a specific manufacturer.

Our US based professionals are accessible to clients at all times through visits, domestic phone call, or email whenever necessary. We continually monitor and track the order processing cycle, production and delivery of products and will keep you informed of the progress of your project. If the demand for your product changes, we will work with you to expedite your shipment or change the shipping mode. Your delivery target dates will be met.

Our offshore based professionals are responsible for production cycle monitoring, extensive Quality Controls of raw material or parts acquisitions, and final production and packaging. Military standard samples are taken and reviewed throughout production. Final QC samples are analyzed and approved prior to container leaving the manufacturer. When the container leaves the yard, we are confident that all products to be received in the US are as contracted.

Our Customs Brokers are kept informed of arrival dates and are prepared to clear your containers on landing at any US Port. In fact your products are often cleared through Customs prior to their arrival in port.

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