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Product Sourcing

Resolve the Global Manufacturing Dilemma

Source-Pro offers manufacturing and product sourcing for your business and provides your quality products at the low cost. We can do it because of many years of soucring products in Europe and Asia in countries such as Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Greece, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, India to name a few.

Our experience and expertise gained over 20 years allows us to avoid pit falls and potential problems inevitably encountered when product sourcing overseas. Because of our knowledge and contacts we can locate reliable manufacturers and negotiate lowest costs for your products. We can accomplish this despite cultural, language, distance and time barriers present when sourcing products overseas.

We provide factory inspections when necessary and provide production samples for approval. We monitor the status of your order and keep tabs on production process.

Once production is finished and samples have been approved, we arrange for freight to your warehouse, take care of all new US security issues and clear shipments through Customs. We handle all payments and final delivery to you.

Will you be able to do all the above activities while running your business?

We at Source-Pro have the expertise and the experience to handle not only the above issues, but problems that will inevitably come up when dealing with many product sourcing variable and unknowns.

By taking advantage or our manufacturing and product sourcing expertise, you receive the best products at the lowest cost and quickest time. No reason to risk your business, waste your time and funds trying to source on your own. We save you money, risk and aggravation. Why risk?

Contact us by clicking "Sourcing Options" and letting us know which product you want to source.

Give it a try.

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