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What you should know about how to ship:

Shipping costs are based on the total volume / weight of goods being shipped. Any volume less than a container load (LCL) will be charged per cubic meter of goods being shipped. So it is important, whenever possible, to utilize the total container capacity.

Shipping costs for a full container load (FCL) is much cheaper per cubic meter than a LCL shipment. When shipments require special handling, a FCL may be the only option.

When your order requires an LCL shipment, the handling and shipping times are increased because these shipments are first sent to container freight station (CFS) where they are combined with other LCL shipments to arrive at a full container. When the container arrives at its destination, the LCL shipments are separated and handled differently at another CFS center.

Shipping times from factory to your warehouse depends on several factors but generally are as follows:
From factory to the port of embarkation including the cool off period --- 4-7 days
From a port in China, HK, or Taiwan to a port in the US West Coast --- 18-21 days
From a port in China, HK, or Taiwan to a port in the US East Coast --- 26-30 days
From US port to Central US --- 7 days
Clearing Customs and obtaining release --- 4 days
Final delivery to your warehouse --- 1-2 days

Shipping companies will provide 8 hours to unload a full container before charging for additional hours.

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